Welcome! I am a philosopher, working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science in Leuven (Belgium). My research focuses on topics as diverse as how social and moral values should (and should not) influence how we delimit and protect species, research integrity and responsible research practices, the value and impact of philosophical research, and the optimization of research funding. Encompassing all of these is an overarching interest in the interplay between science and society, and how science can be of most value to everyone in society.

In my work on these topics, I use both traditional philosophical methods and empirical methods such as Text and Data Mining, experimental vignette studies, surveys and bibliometric analyses.

I currently work on an FWO funded project, written by Andreas De Block, Thomas Reydon, Tom Artois and myself, on taxonomic disorder and the role of values in species classifications. I am also part of the IUBS-funded 'Global Species List Working Group' and the KU Leuven Working Group for the Optimization of Research Funding.

I received my PhD from the HPS department in Cambridge (UK), where I worked with Tim Lewens. Before that, I studied philosophy at KU Leuven, and Cognition and Culture at Queen's University Belfast (UK).

You can a list of my publications and more information on my google scholar page or my Orcid page.